Three Predictions for Security in 2020

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It’s a big year in 2020 for Cyber Security…

Welcome to the year 2020.

Where money continues to dominate the world.
Where cost is a driver for almost everything.
Where there is still good in people, but people are stressed and busy.

Welcome to our industry. A privately employed thin line between civility and chaos.

2020 is going to be another big year.
SECURITY will again be at the forefront of operations but still at the rear of other expenditure.

However – our industry will continue to grow leaps and bounds and will soon be a lot more visible.

See my 3 predictions for the Australian Security Industry in 2020 below.

(1) Terrorism will continue worldwide

Terrorism will continue to be a global trend worldwide. We are not immune in Australia and seem to miss plenty of learning opportunities from our overseas counterparts.

With all the political unrest globally in 2019 which is still unresolved as we enter 2020 (did someone say Impeachment?) it is no surprise that those looking to do harm will try and capitalise on this.

We are not immune down under.

Apart from the series of attacks that have occurred and have also been thwarted, we have the same issue many countries face – the return and release of those who once were, or still are, affiliated with or interested in terror organisations.

(2) Education will play a bigger part

Being educated is one of the most important things we can do to support ourselves and our financial freedoms.

2020 is going to be a year of self-development in the Security Industry.

2019 saw its fair share of guard exploitation and cancelled licences. This showed a huge gap in both the correct way to run a business but also in the knowledge of those working in the security industry.

Human behaviour and Counterterrorism are becoming more and more relevant.
So much so in fact, there is a new Certificate II in Security Operations launching this year.

Numbered CPP20218, it will supersede previous certifications to obtain a security licence in most if not all states. Each state is currently evaluating and rolling this out one by one.

The key updates are to include the newest trends in the industry and making people more aware of suspect behaviour.

But, you should also consider your own personal development. Learning is key to expanding your skill set and earning potential.

(3) Cyber Security will continue to expand

With all the cyber-attacks that occurred in 2019, 2020 will continue this trend.

2019 was off the charts of cyber data breaches and this has wide-reaching implications for everyone’s personal identity security. The linked report from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner shows that 62% of reported breaches had a criminal or malicious element.

It is such a topic in fact that they’re even talking about the possibility of the first Executive Protection Technology Officers in the US!

What this means for us here at home though is that both physical and cybersecurity are aligning more and more. Part of our job is to understand these and that will require educating ourselves.

Get on top of 2020

I’m here to help. 2020 is going to be a big year.

Make the most of your time and consider my range of services to help you achieve more.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, and it could inspire someone else too!