Thickshakes and Punches

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Don’t let your guard down…

7 News recently carried a story of a wild brawl between a group of youths inside a fast food restaurant in Sydney. The scary thing about this is that it could have been any business that youth may go to (think movies, malls, fast food, etc.).

Has your business considered this risk?

In the video you can see a dozen or so youth throwing cups, punches, and other items at each other. The fight goes behind the counter, with people visible in staff only areas. Employees and customers had to move away and take cover until it was over.

Apart from the obvious costs of cleaning up such a mess, there can be long lasting implications for any business that is subject to disorder of this nature. Reputation of safety. Employee support and welfare. Loss of revenue as customers avoid the premises.

Don’t delay. Security review!

If you haven’t updated your businesses security plan (or don’t have one), now is a good time to review it. Consider:

  • Opening and Closing procedures. How many people will be on site for these?
  • Money handling and transfers. How is money moved around the premises?
  • Lockdown procedures. In the event of a serious incident, how do you lockdown to reduce the risk?

GuardHERE Consulting has developed a simple set of instructions that any business can implement. Keeping it simple and easy to follow increases the effectiveness and buy-in from staff.

Find out more about our ‘Yellow Security Instructions’ here.

See the article by 7News:

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