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Realistic training for realistic results

Realistic training for realistic results​


We can deliver at your office, client's space, or just about anywhere you need us to. Sessions can be from just a couple of hours to a full day, and on-going, helping to fit into your schedule and budget. We have a range of pricing options too.


Our training is non-accredited, so it does not sit under the framework for a qualification. This means we can make the training more relevant to you and your needs. We can provide completion certificates which are still just as useful at showing your staff are upskilling, or for future use to prove your worth.


Our consultant has been in the Security Industry for over 10 years. Their experience includes recruitment, training, security operations, events and much more. This gives us a unique approach to training that we're sure you'll enjoy!

Bespoke Training

Our bespoke training option allows us to cater to your direct needs. We can design a training package as short or as long as you like, as a one-off or on-going.

Security Operations

  • Emergency response
  • Patron removals (theory)
  • Security officer knowledge and laws
  • Counter-terrorism basics
  • Pitch invasion response
  • Critical Action Points (CAPs)
  • And other topics that suit you

Human Resources

  • Recruitment
  • Retainment
  • Training
  • Discipline
  • Team Structures
  • Policy and Procedure
  • And other topics that suit you


  • Effective leadership and management
  • Situational leadership
  • Experiences and Perspectives
  • Personal Development
  • Effective team management
  • Useful check-lists
  • And other topics that suit you

Training Courses

Our existing courses are designed to plug straight in to your operation, delivering results to those who need it. We can customise these courses to suit your objectives, too.

Security One on One

Training for Security Officers and
New Entrants

New staff take time. Covers your on boarding requirements for your business, plus key topics in security to match your needs.

Duration: 2-4hrs as required

Strong and Secure

Security Management Training

Designed for Supervisors and Front-Line Managers, this course covers industry updates, incident management, resourcing and operational planning.

Duration: 1 day (can be modified)

The Debrief

Quarterly Security Industry Updates

The Debrief allows your team to be updated each quarter to recent industry events, news, changes, etc. It also covers any major incidents and debriefs them in a way relevant to your organisation.

Duration: 2hrs per quarter

Respond Quickly

Response Team Operations

Today's events and security operations present a varied matrix of risks. Having a well trained Response Team can help to minimise these risks, respond effectively, return other resources to their key focus sooner and get the operation back on track.
This is for the operational training only.

Duration: 1 day

Thinking Secure

Corporate Security Training

Designed for businesses. Give your staff the low down on why security is important, how everyone contributes to it and what to do when they see something. On-going training is available for your organisation.

Duration: Range from 2-6hrs (can be modified)

Critical Action Points

How to Face Unknown Scenarios

Anyone, anywhere at any time can experience a shocking and unexpected event. First Responders are put into these situations on a regular basis. How do you prepare for and respond to something you haven't faced before?

Duration: Range from 2-4hrs (can be modified)

The Power of Hello

Leadership Training

How can one word have so much impact?
Leadership training is a powerful tool at any organisational level.
This day course will teach leadership principals, how to deal with people, motivate and manage to achieve results.

Duration: 1 day

Instructional Technique

Engaging Briefings and Presentations

Engaging briefings and presentations are important because the way the content is delivered impacts how it is retained by the audience. The same is said for written briefings, too. We'll run you through creating a briefing and presentation and how to present these.

Duration: 4hrs - 1 day (can be modified)

Get with the program

Custom Yearly Training

We can help you to compile a security training program for your organisation. Security businesses, Small businesses, Corporates. Don't let your guard down!

Duration: 4hrs - 1 day (can be modified), recommend between 4-6 sessions per year. Content designed for your needs.

Get ahead and enquire about your next training session now!

Need more information? Please contact us for course outlines.

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