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  • How you can make the difference
  • The benefits of Professional Development
  • For Security Officers and Private Companies
  • How YOU can achieve more!
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Need to obtain your Security Licence?

I'm not a RTO - I come in to help you once you have your licence. BUT - See my FAQ below for a free guide to obtaining your Security Licence. Click the Icon above.

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Security Operations

I provide training to Security Officers to help them work safer and smarter.
Non-Accredited, Bespoke Courses.

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Training Programs

My security and risk courses can be delivered in house and tailored to your specific needs.

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Risk Identification

I provide training in how to identify and manage risk.

"92% of respondents stated they were interested in increasing their security knowledge and skills…"

(*Based on The Great Security Survey, conducted May-June 2019. Find out more here).

In the same survey, 18% of respondents felt they were inadequately trained. 100% identified barriers of cost, time and employers support as their barriers to not doing something about their interest to upskill.


They wanted to learn more to help them do their jobs and be better earners for their family.

What is surprising though…

Is the LACK of UPTAKE from employers and the employees themselves to UP-SKILL.

You can’t quench a thirst without drinking water.

Just in the same way as you can’t get better at what you do without crafting your skill.

I hear all the time of businesses who consider training too expensive.

Of employees who want to upskill but don’t want to pay for it. Find it hard to work it around their hours.

Consider for a moment… ‘How do WE as an industry get BETTER?’

YOU are the difference. A commitment to training is a commitment to:

  • More Money
  • More Opportunity
  • More experience
  • Secure Work
  • Larger Networks
  • A Better Life


It could be the self-limiting belief? The thought it won’t make a difference?

The thought that it won’t be worth the investment?

That there’s no time.

That we may fail or disappoint.

Well, these aren’t real problems. These can be considered excuses.

We do it all the time.

“I can’t make the gym today. I’m too tired.”
“I don’t feel the best, so I better stay in.”
“It’ll cost too much. And they’ll just leave anyway.”
“I can’t do it.”

Excuses are a thought. A state of mind. A trick.


Those who SEEK, FIND.

You DON’T become a Solider in a week.


Let me ask you a question.

"GuardHERE Consulting trains PEOPLE TO BE BETTER"

I work with YOU.

To achieve YOUR objectives and outcomes.

Professional Development and Training MAKES THE DIFFERENCE:

  • Knowledge is power
  • Learn new ways to do things
  • Influence positive change
  • Network with others
  • Keep current with industry trends
  • Achieve goals and be confident

My service is based on your unconditional satisfaction. If you do not feel full value was received after implementing my strategies,
I’ll work with you until they are. Otherwise, your money back!

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"S.E.C.U.R.I.T.Y is changing. Rapidly."

Clients are squeezing the margins. Expecting *more* from their contractors.

Businesses want to increase revenue.

Employees want to increase income.

Throughout life, what is the NUMBER 1 thing that sets people apart?

Well, consider this.

How did you get to where you are in the first place?

You had to show people your skills. What YOU can BRING.

And how you MAINTAIN that. And get BETTER at it.

"GuardHERE Consulting will help You Achieve *More* by formulating personalised training that’s the right fit for you."

Some examples of what we offer:

  • Security Operations
  • Industry Updates
  • Earning Potential
  • Onboarding
  • Leadership
  • Critical Actions
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Free Discovery Session

For new clients, Your initial DISCOVERY SESSION with me is FREE. We'll get together and discuss the answer to the question:
"What keeps you up at night?".

Informal and over a coffee (or other suitable beverage or medium such as online or over the phone), we'll spend 30 minutes running through your high-level bugbears, wants and needs.
I'll provide some advice right off the bat.

Then, if we're a fit, I'll get cracking on a proposal of how I can help you. This session is YOUR time to soundboard and for us to work out how we can help one another.

"We train for the real world."

Our Consultant Jason will share HIS experiences. HIS insights.

He will share HIS passion with YOU.

Jason has been in the industry since 2008 spanning a wide variety of roles including major events, corporates and management.

He has walked with the industry Dinosaurs… escorted Eminem from stage… taught a Field of Play procedure that apprehended pitch invaders…

He’s even stood out in the cold guarding trucks… Just like some of you.

(More on him here)

Jason at an event

The point is...

How much you put in is how much you get out.


How much do you want…?

The same as now?

How will that look in 12 months?

How will you be if things stay the same?


Will you act?

Will you refuse to accept this is all there is?

Will you do your bit for the security industry?

Will you contact me NOW because you deserve MORE?

Your return on investment is all over to you.

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Security Operations

I provide training to Security Officers to help them work safer and smarter.
Non-Accredited, Bespoke Courses.

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Training Programs

My security and risk courses can be delivered in house and tailored to your specific needs.

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Risk Identification

I provide training in how to identify and manage risk.


Most frequent questions and answers
GuardHERE Consulting is not a RTO and therefore does not offer certified national courses for licensing. We come into play after you hold a security licence and can help you on your career path through the security industry. You can find our free guide to Security Licensing here.

Qualifications follow a set framework with set outcomes. This allows many providers to offer the same course with the same outcomes.

What this means for students is that once you complete a course your study finishes. However, to be effective in our jobs, we need to continue learning.

Custom training allows you to build upon your qualification and stay up to date with the latest techniques and ideas at a fraction of the price of completing another formal qualification. It also advances your ideas and provides a different perspective.

Custom security training is beneficial in many ways:

1. You get new ideas on how to handle situations
2. Custom training can be built to purpose
3. You gain insight and a different perspective
4. You save money by learning new skills you can use right away without the commitment to a full-length qualification which may be limited in opportunities
5. Custom training moves ‘with the times’ faster than formal qualifications

Continuing professional development is up to a business and/or individual. Accredited courses cost a lot of money and cover a very specific set of criteria to meet a national standard.

After you qualify, things change, people experience events and people share that on the job.

Your workplace may run a training session for you. While it isn’t accredited, it gives you an update, context from your employer and an ability to learn a different approach.

Accredited courses give you the foundation and a qualification. You then must maintain this and upskill, learn different perspectives and add to your toolbox.

Registered courses via RTOs are education and foundational. Bespoke and custom courses drill down to real experience and shared knowledge and provide you something to show potential employers (or current ones for promotion) your worth, skills and ability to learn.

For someone with a higher education, the value of a custom course may be something different. For example, applying it to an organisation that doesn’t operate at that higher level (such as civilian, non-enforcement/security), or, to appreciate your understanding against others and confirm or modify your knowledge and expectations based on different perspectives.

GuardHERE Consulting offers custom training solutions to individuals and businesses and bases its costs accordingly.

Group and Corporate discounts available.