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Our products are custom developed for you. We provide the ‘shell’ (the outline and context). You supply the business. Together, we’ll create the solution.

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Business Alert Level System

Definition: Business Safety System for securing the business and alerting staff to threats.

Education: Training provided by GuardHERE Consulting.

Experience: Management and Executive level.

Goal: Simple traffic light style system to indicate changing threats and security levels.

Contents: This product includes the safety system overview and presentation, operating procedure and components (e.g. examples of mitigation options). Product is customised to your business.



Definition: Incident Response Crew staffed with trained Security Personnel.

Education: Training provided by GuardHERE Consulting.

Experience: Security, Emergency or Incident response. Command and Control.

Goal: Co-ordinated approach to incidents as first responders.

Contents: This product includes iCrew operating procedures custom to your business, relevant documentation (such as use of force, etc.) and a full training package split into 7 modules over 2 days (can be modified to suit you).

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Yellow Security Instructions

Definition: One-page security document for your business.

Education: Implementation provided by GuardHERE Consulting.

Experience: All levels within a business.

Goal: Simple document to outline the essential security provisions of the business.

Contents: This product includes the ‘Yellow Security Instruction’ document, formatted for your business needs.

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