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What we do best…

Security Employees

Don't let your guard down! We can help businesses get the best from their team, or, we can help the team get the best from themselves.


Running a business has it challenges. Let us help you take care of some of those, so you can focus on your clients (and new ones!).

Security Consumers

Security services cost money. Let us help you get peace of mind that your protection service is doing what it is paid to do - GuardHERE.


What we do first? Make sense...

What we do first? Make sense...​

Your needs

We want to provide solutions to your needs. The first thing we do is a free, no-obligation fact finding chat. Coffee. Virtual coffee. Phone. Office. Beach (who doesn't like a beach front coffee?!). However you like it.

Making sense

We'll try to ditch the jargon (avoiding terms like 'holistic') and aim to give it to you straight. Some of our training sessions have a disclaimer at the start - no sugar coating, no censorship. Full discussions. Full disclosure.
We think this gets you honest results.

On-going support

Our customers are important to us. They are our business. Be one of our customers and we're here for you - even after the 'job' is done.

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The Need:

People often ask, “What happens if we spend money training our people and they leave?”.
The real question is though “What happens if you don’t and they stay?”

Training makes you competitive. A well-trained team can execute the hard tasks and deliver the best results. In this day in age you need to have a competitive advantage. There may be a hundred others who do what you do. But do they do it to the same standard?

Training prepares people for tasks, situations, incidents, client demands, stress and more. It inspires confidence and ability. It opens opportunities. It increases value.

What’s in it for you?

We do custom, in-house courses to better serve you. Your needs are unique. Trying to combine a lot of different courses can be difficult and costly. We can also help you with your yearly training programs, one off courses or licensed courses via a learning platform.

We also offer you ready to go programs, using best practice and experience. This means training can be delivered faster.

Our sessions will fit in to your schedule, maximising your return on investment.

Who is it for?

Our training topics cover a variety of subjects and are not just for the security industry. We have topics ranging from Security Operations and HR to Leadership.

What can you cover?

If it is relevant to security, leadership or a similar topic, let us know and we can work out a training regime to suit.

What makes you capable of training?

Our consultant has been in the Security Industry for over 10 years. Their experience includes recruitment, training, security operations, events and much more. Read more about us.

Tell me more!

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The Need:

Coaching and Workshops provide a great opportunity for two-way development. They create a dynamic learning environment.

Getting people motivated to learn is made easier where a small group can work together with a facilitator. There is more availability to share knowledge amongst the smaller group.

What’s in it for you?

You will get more one-on-one time with our consultant, who can address in deeper detail your needs.

Our sessions will fit in to your schedule, maximising your return on investment.

Who is it for?

Our topics cover a variety of subjects and are not just for the security industry. We have topics ranging from Security Operations and HR to Leadership.

What can you cover?

If it is relevant to security, leadership or a similar topic, let us know and we can work out a session plan to suit.

The Need:

As the years progress, safety and security continues to dominate the playing field. GuardHERE Consulting is positioned to help you make sense of the current climate as it applies to your needs, and then to find workable solutions to keep you ahead of the game.

The Why:

You cannot afford to be left behind. Security costs money. Security failure costs reputation.

Our Security Management Consultant will get to know you. What you stand for, what you need and how you want to progress. Our approach to consulting includes coaching, collaboration and discovery. Through your experiences, and ours, we’ll combine to create a solution or find a way to help improve safety, security and reduce risk.

What’s in it for you?

We offer you a different perspective. That view may be the difference you need to push ahead, or it’ll start a frank discussion that will uncover results. You’ll have access to a dedicated consultant for the duration of your needs, and on-going support thereafter.

GuardHERE Consulting will work with you to establish your goals and a roadmap to reach them. Our pricing is competitive and designed around your needs. Hourly, Fixed Rate or Package, our consulting can be shaped to your budget.

Who is it for?

Our consulting services are for anyone who needs help with Security. Whether you are in the industry, use it, or need it, we can help.

Individuals, Businesses, Consumers.

How do you deliver it?

Coffee. Virtual coffee. Phone. Office. Beach (who doesn’t like a beach front coffee?!). How ever you like it.

We can help with your projects by ‘doing them for you’ or by teaching you how to do it, with coaching sessions and templates.

We can speak at your events, too.

Services Include:

  • Security Industry Career & Employment advice
  • Community engagement
  • Security audits
  • Critical Actions
  • Operations Support
  • Security Planning and Resourcing
  • Retained management

The Need:

Policy and Procedure are the cornerstone of any operation. Heck, our society is based on policy. Writing these can take a lot of time, which for a lot of businesses, could be better spent working on the business itself.

The Why:

Professional documents send a clear message. For the people who will use the document, it provides a clear and easy formula to follow. For your clients that you may present to, a professional image that matches your brand is priceless.

What’s in it for you?

GuardHERE Consulting has a range of templates ready to go for a quick turnaround. They will be modified to your brand and needs to ensure you get exactly what you’re after. If we don’t have a suitable base, we’ll create it. This means you get a professional document, designed for you and your requirements. Simple.

How do you deliver it?

We have a few options available. For example, we can provide you a ready to go document, or, an editable version that you can then continue to work on.

Services Include:

  • Operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Security plans
  • Deployment plans
  • Policies
  • Instruction manuals
  • Role specific operational guides
  • Business templates
  • Articles and Guest Blogs (security focused)

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The Need:

Security is a basic human need.

Businesses have responsibility to keep those on their premises, or employed by them at any location, safe. People who intend to do harm are continually finding new ways to do this, and businesses must adapt.

The Why:

Businesses who provide safe environments thrive. It is no secret that the safer and more included people feel, the better they can perform.

What’s in it for you?

Our business products are designed to assimilate into any organisation to help boost their safety, security and productivity.

One of our simple solutions could provide you the environment you need to be even more successful. And safe while doing it.

Who is it for?

The products are designed for a variety of organisations with different challenges.

What type of products are there?

From specialised training, security management platforms to business security plans, we may have something you need to help be more secure.

Tell me more!

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The Need:

Outside speakers provide a great way to engage your audience. Offering a different perspective on a range of topics provides people more options in their toolkits for dealing with things.

What’s in it for your audience:

Your audience will receive a burst of knowledge in the topic you need us to discuss with them. We want your guests to leave with something useful.

Who is it for?

Any group or organisation who want someone to discuss with their audience security, leadership or keeping a safe environment.


Get in touch with us and tell us about your event. We can discuss suitable options with you.


Our Business

We run a lean business, and this allows us to keep lower overheads. That’s a win for you, our customer. Lower rates and faster services are the result.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing results. You are the backbone of our business. We are here for you.

Our commitment to you is to take the time to understand the needs you have. Take the time to craft a solution. Take the time to properly implement this or help you to do so.

We believe in our business and we will work with you to ensure what you are provided with is what you need.


Our pricing structure is simple. We offer a competitive flat hourly rate for most of our services. For services such as training, we have packages (per head) available. For other items such as Technical Writing, some components have a fixed fee, while others can be targeted to your budget.

We want and value your business, so we ask you give us the opportunity to see how we can help.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards (fees may apply) and direct deposits.

We are registered for GST.

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