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Security Management Consultant - Melbourne

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Which do you prefer?

Take a look at the videos below.

Both are from 2013 and both are big sporting matches.

Compare the response of the Field Security Team.

In Video 1, they are using the usual technique that a lot of security providers implement – hold the sidelines and scramble from all sides when an invasion takes place.

Compare this to Video 2, using the Field of Play Response System that I created. We see a limited number Security Officers give chase in a more co-ordinated approach when the invasion happens.

Which do you prefer?

Video 1:

In a pivotal moment during the game, a pitch invader enters from one side of the field and makes it to the other end, where they trip mid-play and near the action. The swarm of Security get on top, causing further interruptions.

The disruption went down in the history books and caused a controversial moment in the game.

Video 2:

During a stop in play due to hail, a patron enters the field of play. Using my Field of Play Response System, the Field Guards react quickly. They apprehend the offender and hand them to Police.

P.S. Did you spot me in the tunnel??

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I’m here to provide the assistance you need to earn more, protect more and achieve more in the security industry.

Security Melbourne. Security Victoria. Even Security Australia.

An outline of my services is below.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our service is based on your unconditional satisfaction. If you do not feel full value was received after implementing my strategies, I'll work with you until they are. Otherwise, your money back!

What do I do?

I support some of the best people and businesses in the industry. Show them how to do it themselves. Or, done-for-you services.

  • Security and Risk Consulting
  • Security and Risk Training
  • Coaching and Leadership
  • Done-For-You Service

Security and Risk Consulting

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Security Consulting

I provide assistance to anyone needing to manage SECURITY and RISK.

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Security Providers

Security Businesses work in a tough industry. I help set up and support their operations.

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Risk Management

I provide Risk Audits and practical solutions in mitigating hazards.

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Security Consumers

If you use security services, I help ensure YOU are getting VALUE for money.

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Crowd Management

I can help with Queue Preparation, Crowd Management and Pedestrian Flows.

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Event Security

With years of Event Security and Safety experience, I can help plan your event.

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Security Documents

I prepare security policy, standard operating procedures, tenders, security plans, etc.

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Local Asset

I provide on-the-ground assistance to security and protective operations.

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Live Audits

I help consumers and businesses ensure value for money from their security services.

Custom Security and Risk Training

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Security Operations

I provide training to Security Officers to help them work safer and smarter.
Non-Accredited, Bespoke Courses.

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Training Programs

My security and risk courses can be delivered in house and tailored to your specific needs.

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Risk Identification

I provide training in how to identify and manage risk.

Coaching and Leadership

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I help Security Officers and Security Businesses be unique to achieve their goals.

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I help unlock leadership and management potential, skills and knowledge.

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Career Progression

I help individuals push open the gates to their own potential. Career advice, Resumes, etc.

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Free Discovery Session

For new clients, Your initial DISCOVERY SESSION with me is FREE. We'll get together and discuss the answer to the question:
"What keeps you up at night?".

Informal and over a coffee (or other suitable beverage or medium such as online or over the phone), we'll spend 30 minutes running through your high-level bugbears, wants and needs.
I'll provide some advice right off the bat.

Then, if we're a fit, I'll get cracking on a proposal of how I can help you. This session is YOUR time to soundboard and for us to work out how we can help one another.