Hundreds of security guards banned over alleged licensing fraud

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What a great article (link below). “Hundreds of security guards banned”.

I went to a few well-known security industry forums… and I put it to those Security Officers who work in the industry: “how many of you have done this and not yet been caught? …

… but then have the guts to complain the industry is ‘against you’ and ‘unfair’?”

If people are left with no choice then, of course, they go to the least path of resistance.

Then… I shone a light to the consumers of Security – Everyone means well. We talk up that we’ll ‘audit’ our suppliers. But it takes time and money. Do YOU really consider a tick and flick enough to ensure your security supplier is doing the task?

Of course, attention then turned to the Security Companies – Take notice! Subcontractors MUST be checked. You cannot outsource your liabilities.

Even if you could… how do you explain a massive roster shortfall when the bust happens?

I wonder how many of these larger venue clients knew so many staff were subcontracted? I imagine they WILL by this weekend’s events…

Let us get SERIOUS:

1. Security OFFICERS who obtained their licences fraudulently are likely to be caught out. If you are in this category, I’d be looking at what YOU can do to fix this …

… Maybe spending some cash now on re-licensing and training will save your JOB in the future? Once you lose that licence it is incredibly hard to get back…

2. Security COMPANIES need to make sure their own staff and those of subcontractors are licenced. It would be hard to know if they forged the document or not – but you MUST be able to prove you have a process in place that shows you have done all you reasonably can. Do you even check contractors’ licences?

3. Security CONSUMERS – If I had a $1 for every time I heard Consultants being told ‘we don’t need you right now’ or ‘we have a supplier’ I’d have a bit of cash. If I then had a $1 for every time something like this happens that impacts those same consumers I’d be a rich man …

… Which cost do you prefer? A few hundred on a Consultant to sure things up, or the monetary and reputational loss when this sort of news breaks and the subsequent rostering and quality issues that last well beyond the news cycle?

The reality is that incidents like this cost our industry dearly. It costs a lot of people a lot of money. Why would you wait for something like this to happen to take action? That does not make sense when you need the profits…

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    1. Jase

      Great that you found it useful. It is important industry and those within it work together and lawfully.

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