Closing up? Take these steps…

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🚨 Safety and Security are paramount…

When you close down for a holiday, forced closure due to something that has happened around you, or even end of trade for the day, the safety and security of your employees and assets is critical. Your actions help reduce the impact on you and the community.

Before you close, help emergency services and security protect you whilst closed:

βœ… Ensure wheelie bins are locked away and skips are stored well away from your building.
βœ… Leave products and materials that need to be stored outside in limited capacity and well away from buildings, fence lines, etc.
βœ… Have any waste collected promptly to minimise rubbish.
βœ… Lock and secure the property, including doors, windows and gates.
βœ… Activate security lighting, alarms and surveillance equipment if available.
βœ… Remove or lock away valuables and cash.
βœ… Ensure you have updated your security plan, contact details and escalation points.

These simple actions will assist in an emergency, and help ensure your premises are ready to go when you reopen.

Need help with your closure plan? Reach out – I can assist.

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