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Rather than focus on a segment or user, we aim to streamline our services so that anyone in the industry can access us. From security providers, consumers to the employees, we can find a solution for you.

We believe times have changed. We can consult with you via phone, e-mail, online or in person. We aim to work around your needs.



We’ve been involved with some pretty cool stuff:
  • Government events such as the G20 and Community meetings
  • Crowded and Public Places including World Cups (Rugby, Cricket, Football), concerts, festivals and private functions
  • Consults for security personnel, procedures and emergency response
  • Support to emergency services
How can our experience help solve your worries? Get in touch and we’ll let you know.


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Jason Sexton


Jason Sexton has been working in the security industry since 2008 in both Australia and New Zealand, combining experience in major events, asset protection, crowd control, training and operations management. He holds a Certificate IV in Leadership and Management, Diploma of Security and Risk Management and a Bachelor of Information Systems. Jason actively works in the industry as a consultant and security manager.

  • Individual member of ASIAL
  • Victorian Security and Advisor licensed
Check him out more on LinkedIn – maybe reach out and say G’Day!


GuardHERE Consulting has a vision that reaches further than just the general front line business operations. We look forward to the future to think of what we can achieve.

We envisage a place where security is accountable, the industry is fair and where customers can appreciate the services offered because they add value and deliver results.

We see a pathway to success through maintaining integrity in all interactions, cutting through the false promises and flimsy offers and by being there for our client’s needs.

We believe security is an extension to any business or a welcome addition to any home.

And, we want to help achieve a time and a place where the very epicentre of security
is about the people at the core of any business.


Provide our clients honest solutions based on our joint experience that will grow together, allowing them to make informed decisions and reduce risk, which will
increase the bottom line for all stakeholders.
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