Learn about 'me' - Jason Sexton, and how I got to be a successful Security Management Consultant.

Security Management Consultant - Melbourne

  • How I got to where I am today
  • Who I am
  • What my experience and background is
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The Dream

For the Security Industry to be accepted and integrated by supplying services that are just as important as community policing, health and outreach.

The Purpose

Show every individual in the security industry they do matter, why it's great and how they can individually contribute to make it better, in turn increasing their own bottom line.

The Vision

Provide clients an evolving security consulting presence across key services to provide its clients and in turn, their customers, with safe and accountable solutions.

The Mission

Deliver no-nonsense security training and consulting to help individuals and businesses in or using the security industry to achieve more.​

"It all started back in 2008..."

I was like the guy above. Fresh uniform, smiley faced and ready to make a difference.


The team around me were older and had been in the game a while. I had heard all the industry stories.

Bouncers roughing people up. Security ejecting people into alleys. And the ‘Dinosaurs’ of the industry kept this tale alive. But this was back then…

… when you could just buy your Security Licence. Do you remember?

So anyway,

There I was standing behind the stage barrier on my second shift ever in the industry.

Hundreds of people in front of me. I was wondering what THE HELL was going on. I look behind. A guy was on top of the big speakers playing guitar.

I looked back to the crowd.

Suddenly I felt a sharp WHACK on my head.

Stumbling forward I quickly spun around. The guy on the speaker… he was the guitarist for metal band KORN and had just fallen off the speaker and on to me!

Rubbing my head, I quickly resumed my position. Facing the crowd. Looking menacing.

“Yeah I got this” I said to myself. Pretending no one in the audience had seen the mishap.

I didn’t want to be that guy. You know, floored by the artist on their second day in the industry.

As I ‘carefully’ studied the crowd behaviour (not letting on that the bump on my head was growing like in the cartoons), I could not have even imagined what would happen next.

Right there as I stood guard, my spidy senses kicked off. My security training alerted me to a sense of *danger*. My lightening quick reflexes reacted JUST in time…

… or maybe I was just hypersensitive after the guitar hit my head…

… Either way, I managed to move forward JUST as the giant speaker fell off its perch and CRASHED RIGHT BEHIND ME!

Startled, I looked back. How the hell did it miss me? Hit on the back of the head by the guitarist and almost crushed by a speaker. ALL on my second shift in Security as a young 19-year-old…

Stagehands came running, replacing the speaker.

I looked around.

The music pumped louder. The crowd cheered louder. The mosh pit exploded.

I looked to the guy on my right. He looked at me. We both looked back to the crowd.

And I knew I had found something EXCITING.

"Before long the opportunity came to be a Supervisor. I took it with both hands."

In fact, I did alright. So, I was given my own site to run – the Ports. Traffic and Pedestrian management alongside all the things that go into making a Cruise Ship run.

I remember turning up early on in my career as a new Supervisor, taking on the team. I was running the briefing when I noticed one of the staff had parked in an area they weren’t allowed to.

I politely pointed it out. I mean, I had to. I didn’t want to be the reason the contract went elsewhere for upsetting the other stakeholders.

All I got was a blank stare back.

Followed by a threat of being thrown off the edge into the water.

This person was twice my age – I was shocked!

But I stood firm, sent them home and ran a person down. We smashed it that day.

Walking with Dinosaurs

"All these experiences we have along our journey leads us to where we are today and where we are going in the future."


When I was asked to go into the office, it was a resounding yes.

I was able to launch myself into management.

This industry gave me opportunity.

I got to experience some of the greatest events in history. From the Rugby and Cricket World Cups, to meeting the Prime Minister of NZ and escorting Eminem from stage…

… to Walking with Dinosaurs…

This industry is what you make of it.

I was getting paid to work at these events. To soak up the atmosphere. To control the crowd. Protect the assets and patrons…

Then as a Manager, I got to LEAD people. DEVELOP policy. IMPLEMENT change.

What other industry has this V A R I E T Y?

"I hear stories of Security Officers working in some pretty harsh conditions…"

Stories of Clients premises not being as protected as they should be…

Undercutting across the industry…

Old prehistoric systems and procedures STILL being used…

Dinosaurs at the top of the company…

It’s a new millennium now... … so, It DOESN’T have to be this way.


I am a Security Consultant, Security Manager and Security Industry ADVOCATE.

So, I get to:

  • RETURN my knowledge and skills to the industry.
  • HELP develop Officers.
  • COACH people to face their Dinosaurs (aka their fears).
  • PROTECT clients.
  • Find BETTER ways of doing things.

"The opportunities are out there for those who want them. It’s a ‘new age’."

And, the opportunities for smart and savvy security to protect YOU are available, too.

It’s all about your approach.

So, how do you do it?

Move forward in the Security Industry?

Move forward with your supplier?

You use a Security Management Consultant, of course!

Jason at an event

The Consultant for YOU

Jason Sexton headshot, centre, GuardHERE Consulting

Hi, I'm Jason. And I'm YOUR Consultant.

Hey, my names Jason Sexton and the story you just read is 100% true.
It’s where I came from and what has made me the successful consultant and industry operator that I am today.
In my career I’ve got to work in some cool places. Concerts, Sports Matches, Parties, Hotels, even a Casino!

Pass board of Jason's experience

What this means for you is that you can TAP IN to my knowledge and USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

I’m a living example that the Security Industry can be a career and can deliver the protection and peace-of-mind clients want.

It just takes a fresh perspective.

What else have I done?

  • New Zealand Fire Service - Fire Police
  • New Zealand Cadet Forces - Commissioned Officer
  • New Zealand Civil Defence - Team Leader
  • Bachelor of Information Systems
  • Diploma of Security and Risk Management
  • Cert IV in Front Line Leadership
  • ASIAL - Individual Member

I’ve also been published!

The Professional Security Officer Magazine is by Security Officers for Security Officers. The publication aims to bring the knowledge of front line workers to the masses in the industry.

Want confirmation on my abilities? To see some proof? Click below.

Guarding at Eden Park
Jason in formal dress
NZ Fire Service Training
Jason giving a briefing