9 Coronas – A punchy reality check of Covid19

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It’s not quite the Zombie Apocalypse… Yet.

We’re dealing with a worldwide pandemic.


You know, over the seas and all that?

I put this together to get out some info. But you need a couple of things before we continue…

Resources to read this blog

You’re gonna need a CORONA to get through this. I’m sipping one as we speak.

Trying to support the poor business that has been decimated by this virus of no relation (although conspiracy theorists may disagree).

The Rona will help us!

You’ll also need a bit of time.

And a sense of humour. Optional, I guess?


Crack the lid on that Rona! Take a *sip*. And let’s crack through this.

Together. *sip*

The Vision

I want to provide real links to the official information.

I want the hate to stop.

I want us as an industry…

As people…

To work together to get through this.

The Situation

Better take a *sip*. It isn’t pretty.

But it’s manageable and only requires a short-term group effort.

And not the short-term effort of getting your guns out on Bondi Beach in a mass gathering like the world is fine and no one at the beach could be infected…

Coronavirus is now a worldwide pandemic.

States and Territories of Australia have declared public health emergencies and, are implementing new laws, partial lockdowns and closing nonessential services and some borders in a bid to keep people at home and reduce the spread of the virus.

All nonessential businesses must now implement their business continuity plans, including shutdown and remote work procedures.

Security Industry

  • Fact – People are going to lose jobs.
  • Fact – Security will still be required in the foreseeable future.
  • Fact – Security is an essential part of the response to this pandemic, whether it is defined or not.
  • Fact – This is not a lockdown with a curfew (so far). It is simply aimed at preventing mass gatherings. So, pivot. There is plenty of other work available, even if it may mean a change.

Why is our industry important?

Security has additional numbers that are not all tied up in emergency services or military responses. They are paid by entities who require monitoring and protection.

Crime sadly increases in these times. *sip*.

Security is part of the front-line response to observing and reporting.

So, consider the following when you see Security out there:

They are doing what many others are doing.

Giving up their time and risking their safety to help keep things in check.

So that we all have an office, studio, home, stadium, centre or other places to come back to once this Corona is sunk. *sip*

The security associations are not 100% clear if security is ‘essential’ into the future either.

More clarity to come.

But I mean. Really? Until the Army is marching down the street, we’ll be alright.

Think about the others

This is a GLOBAL issue. Everyone around the world is experiencing similar situations.

Places in Europe are in proper lockdown and have military deployed in the streets.

We have some Police patrols and a few neon signs.

Then, we also got the people who do stuff like this.

And ruin products that businesses can sell.

And for the people who need it most.

Who dumps cold products on shelves randomly?!


It is not all about USa (or about us, either)

Sure, America has a lot going on… panic buying guns… Apparently opening borders soon (no chance)…

But, down under, Australians are hoarding bog rolls…

In a way, its science. Kind of.

Humans by nature shelter and begin to look after themselves in times of panic. Security is a basic need (according to that bloke Maslow).

Misinformation spreads rapidly. Faster than the virus it seems. Understandable.

But what we’ve been seeing…

Fighting over toilet paper and abusing our fellow citizens over pasta? (Not Nona’s, she wouldn’t settle for such behaviour).

I mean, really?

People are scared and their reactions are to what general society is doing. If we all chill out a bit, we can get through much easier. And with more Kleenex.


There is plenty to go around if we all just take it easy and not make it all about us.

What we need to do, truly, is look to the future. Look to 2030.

Where do we want to be? Alive, probably. And with Kleenex available and not in a Museum.

When this is all over,

We want to be closer as a community, not torn apart.

We want to be more like this guy. Whilst we’re all in 2020 stealing the toilet paper, he’s already in 2030 living the good life. Walking his dog with a drone…

This is the future… What a time to be alive!


It is for a lot of people.

Workplaces are slowly being forced to close. Either by Government or lack of patrons.

This will see unemployment rise. This will see people needing help. That’s tough.


Be careful of venting your fury on the 6 o’clock news and telling them that you’re upset you couldn’t log on to Centrelink.

Remember what we said – you’re not the only one!


The two options are they pay everyone out until they have a zero balance and close forever meaning you’re out of work for good, or, they close temporarily and limit payments and keep enough reserves to keep costs like rent, power, etc. covered until they can reopen and put you back to work.

Most of the world is in a similar situation. *sip*

That’s what a stand-down is. Not redundancy. Not an easy pill to swallow. But a legal one.



Security Businesses

  • More than gloves supplied as PPE thanks. Where are some of the back-ordered hand sani from your cleaning business that you have on the side? Gloves, wipes and information? Get it out there. Damn.
  • Speak to your clients and fact check them. I’m not saying to annoy them, but, the usual level of service simply cannot continue if it puts people at risk.
    • Oh yeah, that liability you carry doesn’t disappear in these times, either.
  • If you can, redeploy your staff into other areas where safe and able to do so.
    • Redeployments to other sites.
    • Paid training.
    • Paid work in the office fixing, changing, cleaning, updating, etc.
    • Deploy some ‘road runners’ to check in on your other staff.
    • Get them on the phones doing welfare calls to staff and clients.
    • Wash those pesky loaner shirts… *sip*
  • Be upfront and get the knowledge of what you can and can’t do. See the ASIAL member’s resources page for info here.


  • These ARE unprecedented times and unfortunately, we ARE going to see what happens when some people are pushed to desperation in our communities.
  • Are you using a continuity plan or just making it up?
    • It’s a tad late to create one, but you can create a plan to manage the next few months and to reopen once it’s done.
  • Consider your risks and security needs. Simple measures will help reduce your risk and it doesn’t take long or cost too much.
    • Just because you shut, doesn’t mean you are not vulnerable to crime.
    • What risks are associated with you being in a reduced capacity?
    • Will this impact your neighbours?
  • Do what you can for your employees. Can you offer them extended leave or access to their currently earned leave entitlements?
  • Can you redeploy or reuse your staff in another capacity (where they can do so safely)?
  • Are you communicating with them? Not via creepy Facebook posts but articulated communique (that word sounded right. *sip*).
  • Get in the know with information from the ATO here. Or the Federal Gov’s ideas here for business or here for small businesses.


  • Be aware that your employer has bigger issues in mind. Consider their perspective. If the money runs out there is no business to come back to.
  • Help where you can and where you are paid to do so. This may mean a difference in your usual job functions for a period.
  • Read my other blog on the Coronavirus and Frontline staff here.
  • Find out what support is available to you in each state on ASIAL’s write up here. *sip*.
  • Don’t bend over for nothing though. You deserve to be paid what you are entitled to.


  • No, we don’t want to go to an underground rave currently. *sip*.
  • We all need to look out for each other.
  • Line up and be respectable. There is plenty to go around.
  • Know thy neighbour. Those pesky people over the fence? Yeah. *sip*.


  • Support your friends, family and colleagues. Info here.
  • Check the national health support framework here.
  • If things get tough, see the Federal Gov’s options! See here.
  • If you’re feeling down, get in touch with Lifeline here.

The Bottom Line

Ha. Bottom. *sip*

The bottom line is that we are all in this together.

As a community.

As an industry.

As a family.

We ALL have a responsibility, no matter what we think the virus is or is not, to follow the rules for the greater good.

And, *sip*, overall team, simply put, if you were too lazy to read it all, then just remember:

Don’t let your guard down!

I'd love to hear your thoughts, and it could inspire someone else too!