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GuardHERE Consulting

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Security is a basic human need. As the years progress we are seeing increase upon increase in the demands of security providers.

GuardHERE Consulting operates the way our clients want. We get to know you and your needs. Whether you’re a security business, a user of security services or the boots on the ground, we have a range of options to help you be ahead of the change.

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We want YOU to achieve more in 2019! More business, more security, more safety.

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What we do

Security is our industry, but people are our business.


We listen to your needs and provide advice on how to proceed.

Consulting, Advice, Support


We work with you to plan your responses.

Security Planning, Framework, Audits


We help you put all the pieces together.

Operational support, Bespoke Training, Response



Security Consulting

We consult on a wide range of security topics, policies and operations. We can also consult online or face to face, allowing greater flexibility for our customers.

Online or Face to Face | Coaching | Community

Up trend

Business Products

Managing risk is part of any business and we have a range of ways to help you, or your clients, manage their risk. We have some very interesting products that will help you stand out from the crowd or protect your business.

Management System | Alert Levels | iCrew | Risk

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Bespoke Training

Our packages are designed in-house so we can provide you relevant and targeted training which can be provided to individuals and small groups, businesses and to those outside the industry who need security training.

Leadership | Security Operations | Industry Trends

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Industry Support

We cover the spectrum of security, so whether you’re an employee needing to up skill, a business needing an extra set of eyes or a consumer after advice, we're here to help.

Client Engagement | Ops. Support | Reports & Audits

Because we do things differently, and we can see you in a variety of different ways, we are able to be competitive in the market.
Yip – we’re here for you, so we run a lean business so you can be sure you get value for money!

Get in touch with us today and run us through your story – your initial consult is free!

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