Discover how I made a career in Security and provided better solutions to Clients and Employers... and how YOU can too!

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Helping you to help others.


Let me ask you a question,

Do you realise how much Security impacts YOUR life?

For all the bad wrap the Security Industry gets – there is no doubting that it is an ESSENTIAL service and major EMPLOYER. Security almost OUTNUMBERS Police, employing more than 55,000 full time licensed personnel in Australia.

Security Officers patrol and secure numerous sites – probably even YOURS. Officers respond to a range of incidents. Observing. Reporting. DEFENDING. What are you doing to protect your bottom line?

What are YOU doing to ensure security is working for you?

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How up to date are you with the industry?

DO YOU want to know what the feeling of those on the ground is within the industry?

I conducted a short industry survey of boots-on-the-ground earlier in 2019.

YOU can access the special report of the Great Security Survey 2019.

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"My story is as unique as you are"

Jason Sexton headshot, centre, GuardHERE Consulting

Hi, I'm Jason. And I'm YOUR Consultant.

With experience in the Security Industry since 2008, I know a thing or two about it. A true passion, I continue to work alongside industry professionals and organisations. But where did this passion come from?

It came from “prehistoric times”… from an opportunity to walk with the Dinosaurs…


GuardHERE Consulting helps you achieve more from the security industry.
More security. More protection. More income. More clients and opportunities.
I’m not like the others.
I don’t use all the jargon that the others do:
Holistic. Comprehensive Strategies. Dynamic tactics.
I do these things anyway. So, I won’t bore you with the details.
‘Real’ world terms for ‘Real’ world security-and-risk problems for ‘Real’ world people.

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I Max YOUR Earnings

Through proper assessment, use of risk controls and training, you'll find MONEY to spend on improving your position.

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YOU Train for Tomorrow

Increase YOUR skills and those of your colleagues, co-workers and wider team. Shared knowledge is a force multiplier.

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WE Learn Together

I listen to you and your needs. I SHARE my expertise with you to find REAL solutions you can use NOW.


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Don’t go at Security alone. It’s a tough industry out there. GuardHERE Consulting helps you achieve more from the security industry.

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Services starting from $69.00 per hour

Services starting from $69.00 + GST per hour, with capped price packages also available.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our service is based on your unconditional satisfaction. If you do not feel full value was received after implementing my strategies, I'll work with you until they are. Otherwise, your money back!

Want me to work with you?

I support some of the best people and businesses in the industry.

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Security Officers

I help Security Guards get more from their biggest investment - THEMSELVES.

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Security Companies

Security Businesses work in a tough industry. I help support their OPERATIONS.

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Security Consumers

I provide assistance to anyone needing to manage SECURITY and RISK.